Don’t Worry, There is a Happy Ending

On my way back from Rome last month I was flipping through a magazine I found in the seat pocket and saw this review for Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Committed (a sequel to Eat, Pray, Love).  Gilbert has a great voice on the page by the way, and even if you hated the movie Eat Pray Love (which I did), the book and its sequel are very good, I highly recommend them.

The thing I love about this book review is that it tells you in black and white not to worry because there is a happy ending waiting for you on the last page.  Normally I am a fan of anticipation and surprises, but lately I would be willing to pay very good money for someone to follow me around and let me know ahead of time if my day is going to have a happy ending or if I should consider getting back in bed and trying again tomorrow.

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