Country Living

Things I Love About Living In The Country

  • Church Bells
  • Waking up to the sound of birds chirping
  • Living in a real house with a real yard with trees and stuff

Things I Don’t Love About Living In The Country

  • The smell of manure
  • Getting stuck behind a tractor on my long country road when I am running late for work
  • The sound of strange animals fighting/mating/holding rave parties outside my window in the middle of the night.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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2 Responses to Country Living

  1. Vince Ludwig says:

    Hello Erica

    Cow pies and magpies can be synonymous with annoyance and I know what you mean.
    Because you so acutely observe surroundings, I’m wondering how many of the locals also see all that you do?
    It’s true every cloud in the sky has a story with landscapes to behold, that have best been captured by poet’s, painters and people loving who and where they are.
    Your adventure should always carry-on.

    Stay well
    Best regards,
    From: Vince

    • Erica says:

      Hi Vince! I find Italians to be very observant. The people in my town like to sit outside most evenings and just enjoy what is happening around them. Living here has made me much more willing to slow down and pay attention to details.

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