Spring Cherries

It’s cherry season!  Yesterday, on my way home from work I stopped at a little stand and bought two large containers of cherries.  Cherries are one of those fruits I can keep eating until my stomach hurts.  Their impossibly smooth skin and juicy insides that are sweet with a hint of tartness are my idea of a perfect snack.

I am sitting at my table outside with a cup of green tea and a giant bowl of cherries for breakfast.  White clouds are covering the sky with soft waves like a quilt, I hope this means rain is on the way because it has been a little dry lately.

For as long as I can remember autumn has been my favorite season with its cool temperatures and vibrant colors.  That may be changing.

This is my first full spring in Italy and the colors and smells are blowing me away.  The jasmine behind me is blossoming and the smell is almost overpowering.  Every yard is exploding with roses and irises and flowers I don’t even recognize.  And the warm sunshine is a nice change from the long winter.

There is a town nearby called Marostica, that is famous for two things: a living chess game, and cherries.  Last September I went to the living chess game (it is held every other year, I will post pictures).  Now that it is cherry season I think I will take a little trip to Marostica to see if they have any cherry festivals!

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2 Responses to Spring Cherries

  1. Julie Soller says:

    I love cherries! One of the best foods for satisfying my sweet cravings and packing a nutritional punch, as well as low-glycemic. Thanks for this lovely picture, too!

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