The Morning After

I woke up this morning feeling like I had just been fished out of a gutter somewhere.  My head hurt, my ankles were so swollen I looked like I was wearing sausages as leg warmers, and I wasn’t sure if I was starving or nauseous.

The worst part about feeling this way is that I was in fact, not fished out of a gutter somewhere, and I have no shocking story to tell about how I ended up in this state.  I was simply flying on a plane.

When did my body start freaking out on me whenever I set foot in a plane?  Is this is a symptom of getting older, or is my body just refusing to cooperate with me these days?

I am sitting outside, drinking my third cup of tea because I cant seem to convince myself to do anything that requires effort.  I feel old.

I feel especially old because I am watching my much older Italian neighbor do his morning workout with his bright pink resistance bands.  This might shame me into a morning jog, or at least walk among the hills.  Or, it might just make me move my pity party indoors, we will see how this third cup of tea works out.

I am going to post about my trip later today.

Ciao for now!

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