Another Hot Summer Day

There is something so refreshing about that first sip of Prosecco on a hot summer day.  Today started off with a cool breeze, and I thought for a moment that the unbearably hot days were over, but by lunchtime it was hot hot hot.

I was supposed to go white water rafting today but the tailbone situation prevented that, so I indulged in a little retail therapy instead.  Here in Italy there are two major sale seasons, one in the summer (July-August) and one in the winter (January-February).  You can find small individual sales other times during the year but during the sale seasons almost every store has deep discounts.  I normally refrain from major shopping excursions in Italy except during the sale season, then I lose my mind.

When I took a break for lunch I wanted something light and refreshing so I ordered Sea Bass Carpaccio and a glass of Prosecco.  The carpaccio was good, but the real winner was the Watermelon Sorbetto with Rum and Whipped Cream I had for dessert.

If it were possible, I would be swimming around in a kiddie pool full of this stuff right now.  It was amazing.  I imagine you could make something like this at home with some store bought sorbet (I am thinking mango) and some light rum poured on top (maybe coconut) and a little dollop of whipped cream to finish it.  Trust me, it will make you love hot summer days.

And here is a little good news about my injured tailbone… I think it is just seriously bruised and not broken, so hooray for small favors!!

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