Molina Waterfall Park

On Sunday I was in the mood to get outside and do something active.  I wanted a smallish hike because I didn’t know how my tailbone would feel about climbing mountains.

The Molina Waterfall Park was the perfect way to spend the morning.  It is a very well maintained park built around several natural waterfalls.  You can hike three different itineraries: the green path (easy), the red path (intermediate), and the black path (difficult).  I took the black path which took about two hours to complete.

All throughout the park there are picnic tables and little things for the kids to play on, like the tower below for kids to climb, and the swing for kids to swing right up next to a waterfall.

One thing that was really getting to me during my visit was the heat and humidity.  It has been a hot summer here in Italy and it was even hotter in the park, and the humidity was off the charts.  I read a sign at the park that explained that it is always hotter and more humid here than the surrounding area, and they were not kidding!  I felt like I was walking through the rainforest!

At the top of the black trail

This park is right outside Verona and well worth a trip if you are sick of fighting the crowds in the cities.  It is peak season and I went on a weekend so I feel like I saw it at its most crowded, and while there were definitely a lot of people wandering around, it was still a very relaxing morning.

Stay tuned because I think I am going to be doing a very exciting hike very soon!!!

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