The Colors of Summer

This summer started early, and it was hot; except for a few wonderful weeks in July, when there was rain almost every other night.  The rains kept the daytime temperatures somewhere in the high 70’s, it was heaven.  Then the temps began to creep up again.  We are not experiencing anything like the heat waves in America, but it has just been a little too hot for my taste lately.

I hate almost everything about super hot, sunny days and tend to spend more time indoors when the heat starts to get uncomfortable.  But I have been trying to force myself to get outside for just an hour a day to walk around my town, and I have seen some pretty interesting summer life!

I saw this red sunflower during an evening walk to the next town over.  Has anyone else ever seen the petals of a sunflower turn red?  I never have.  It looks like it might be an end of life cycle thing, the way the leaves on the trees turn red and yellow before they fall off.  I think it is absolutely beautiful.  Notice how dreary the background is?  That is the heat haze of early evening.

I found this little guy, and several of his friends on a walk during the hottest part of the day this weekend.  They were all sunning themselves on small flowers and each time a car would pass they would all flutter into the sky around me.  This picture doesn’t show all of his color, when the light hits him right he has a blue/green tint.

In general, I am not a huge fan of butterflies, because when you look at them up close, they look a little creepy.  But I am in love with this orange one.  I must have come across a colony of these orange butterflies, there were more than I could count.  It reminded me of Opal Whiteley, a girl that claimed she made a butterfly dress by drenching herself in honey and walking through a forest so the butterflies would cling to her.

I am expecting the rest of August to be soul-crushingly hot, but hopefully that means a snowy winter is up ahead!

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