Guten Tag, Garmisch!

My trip to Germany a couple weeks ago was not just filled with castles.  It was also full of horses, lakes, mountains, and beer!

I stayed near Garmisch, which is a small ski resort near the Austrian border.  Buildings with beautiful frescoed exteriors like this one were all over the place.

It was about 45 degrees outside (in July!!) and walking around the small towns with all of their charming shops and statues was wonderful, even if it was raining most of the time.

Garmisch is in a beautiful part of Bavaria, with mountains and pine forests all around.  I stopped by this lake on my drive to one of the castles, it is beautiful, but I bet it is cold!

I also ran across this pasture full of horses and cows.  All of the cows have big bells around their necks, and it is a point of pride for their owners to hear the music of the bells in the evening as their herd mills around.

When I stopped to take pictures a momma horse and her foal came up to me to say hello.  Then another horse came over to investigate, and they all let me stand and pet their velvety soft noses for a while.  I could have died.

I also stopped in the town of Fussen before I went to see Ludwig’s castles.  When government officials were first trying to arrest King Ludwig II, villagers in the town of Fussen came to his defense and actually kept them from arresting the tragic king for a few days.  I say good for them.

I got to Fussen right at sunset and after walking around a bit I stood on the bridge and just enjoyed the fading of the day.

For dinner I had one of my favorite German dishes, white sausages served with a soft pretzel, mustard, and sauerkraut.  I took a picture of this dish but it didn’t turn out so you will just have to imagine the deliciousness.  I also had a Radler for the first time.  A Radler is half light beer and half lemon soda, so good!

I had so much fun in Garmisch and the surrounding towns that I might have to go back this winter to see it all covered in snow!

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