What Italians Drink: Grappa

For every great batch of wine made here in Italy there is a whole crap load of stuff leftover.  Stuff like grape skins, seeds, and stems.  Instead of throwing all the leftovers into a compost pile, industrious Italians turn them into Grappa, or as I like to call it: the harshest thing you will ever drink.

Most of the Grappa you find is clear, but you can also find Amarone Grappa, which is a darker amber color.  They are both very strong, way too strong for me!

Usually you drink Grappa as an after dinner digestivo, but you can also drink it in a cup of espresso, called caffe corretto.  Old Italian men apparently love this stuff.

I can’t even explain what this stuff tastes like. I guess lighter fluid would be my closest approximation.  Grappa is not something I would drink to unwind at the end of the day, but I would highly recommend that when you visit Italy you experience this stuff at least once, even if its just to impress everyone back home with your drinking fortitude!

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3 Responses to What Italians Drink: Grappa

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  3. I tell People Grappa taste like, if you can imagine, vodka poured through a dirty sweat sock. It’s horrible. I love it, I know that doesn’t make sense but I’ve always been told when your body tells you to eat or drink something, there is something in it your body needs. I figured that is why it is used as a digestivo, it’s medicinal.

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