Wasps: Making a Mess All Over My Figs

My figs are getting ripe too fast, and the battalion of wasps that have invaded my yard are getting to them faster than me.  For every wonderful, delicious fig I am able to grab off my tree, the wasps have already devoured five.  The worst part?  I can’t find the giant nest these guys have to be coming from.  They must be commuting from another part of town.

This guy was so big that I could actually hear him tearing into the fig!  And he could hear me each time I snapped a picture.  When he would hear the camera go off he would stop and look at me, I half expected him to start defending his territory.  Damn wasps.

UPDATE: My friend Tommy just informed me that this thing chowing down on my figs is actually a hornet.  What’s the difference between a hornet and a wasp you ask?  I have no idea, but the lovely folks at Mental Floss have a nice little article on the subject.

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