Before and After

On my way home from work everyday I pass this house.  It has been one of my favorite houses since I first moved here.  The simple elegance of the lavender shutters against the cool gray stone makes me smile.

Or at least it used to make me smile.

About a week ago the owners drastically changed the color scheme.

Now the house is painted bright red with lavender accents.

When I first saw the color change I was shocked.  I couldn’t believe they messed with perfection!

After a few days of staring at it, the new color scheme is starting to grow on me, I might even like this new look better than the old.  One of the things I love about Italian homes is the use of color, and this is definitely some color!

What do you think?  Before or After?

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3 Responses to Before and After

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    After for sure! I love the vibrant colors in all the photos you have posted. I’m a little tired of cookie cutter houses and bland blend in structures… It just seems to scream ENJOY!

    • Erica says:

      After looking at the house for a while I do like the “After” better. I think it will look even better in a few years when the colors are distressed, something about peeling paint makes a house more interesting to me.

  2. Damien Wijerathne says:

    Great photos 🙂

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