Chunnel Challenge 2011 Day Three: The Chunnel and Stonehenge

Have you heard of the Chunnel?  It is the tunnel that runs under the English Channel from Calais in France to Dover in England.  Technically it is called the Channel Tunnel, but that does not roll off the tongue as easily as Chunnel.  I was pretty excited to cross the channel and get a new stamp on my passport.

The first passport stamp we got was the exit stamp from France, then we headed to the British border agents.  I was so excited I started rambling to the cute border agent.  He asked us lots of questions to make sure we were entering the country legally.  Instead of just answering the questions I told him the entire story about our road trip, how we met and my love of fish and chips.  Todd just wanted to get on the train so I am sure he loved every minute of my rambling.  When we finally started to pull away Rebecca bid the agent farewell with a cheerful “Cheerio!”.  He was a very good sport.

After passing inspection by the border agents we had to wait in line to load our car onto the train.  Todd was ready for the chunnel, he had his game face on.

When you take your car on the chunnel train you just drive it into one of the train cars and stop your engine.  You can get out of your car to use the bathroom but mostly you just stay in your car for the entire 35 minute ride.

Once we got off the chunnel we headed to our hostel in Stow on the Wold, a tiny town in the Cotswolds.  The entire area is beautiful and I wish I had taken more pictures while we were on the road.

At the beginning of the trip Todd agreed to do all of the driving because he is the safest driver of the three of us (Rebecca and I practice a more freestyle version of driving).  I was so happy that it was Todd driving when we got to England.  I am 98% certain that we would have been in an accident if I had to drive on the wrong side of road, but Todd did wonderfully.

Once we settled into our hostel we decided to check out Stonehenge.

Stonehenge was so awesome that we had to do the jump shot.  We were using my tripod to get the shot and it is harder than it looks!  We made several attempts and this is the best of them.  The guards around Stonehenge must think we are crazy.

After our visit to Stonehenge we went back to Stow on the Wold for dinner.  As soon as we walked in the bartender announced they were out of fish and chips.  I was devastated!  I ordered cottage pie with chips.  We had to ask the bartender the difference between cottage pie and shepherd’s pie and she told us that cottage pie is made with beef and shepherd’s pie is made with lamb.  I learned something new, and the cottage pie was delicious!

To save money we decided to bunk in the dormitories instead of getting a private room.  The dorms were not mixed so Todd had to sleep in the male dorms and rebecca and I had beds in the female dorm.  We were all happy with our day until I met “the creepy guy”.  I will save you the details, but this guy seriously freaked me out.  He freaked me out so much that Rebecca and I invaded Todd’s dorm room since he was in there by himself.  That is the first time I had a weird experience staying in a hostel, and I am very glad I was not there alone!

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  1. Daniel Burcham says:

    Hi! I have been past Stonehenge before and thought that it was beautiful! 😀 I really enjoyed reading this blog post! 🙂

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