My Poltergeist

It was a little past six this morning and I was debating if I wanted to wake up fully and start my day, or linger in bed and try to get a few more hours of sleep.

The sun had not even risen so the idea of a few more hours of sleep was the winner.  About 30 seconds after I rolled over and closed my eyes, I heard a rushing sound, followed by the creaking of my stairs, and the trembling of my shutters.

My first thought was that someone was trying to get into my house, and since my super-deadly ninja skills are not at their best before eight, I was freaking out.

Then the bed started shaking and my bookcase was swaying.

Now, I lived in southern California for several years so earthquakes are nothing new to me, but I didn’t immediately put the shaking bed and trembling shutters together as an earthquake.

Nope, my crazy imagination, fueled by the dozens of scary movies I have been watching lately, decided that it was a ghost shaking my bed.

I am a grown woman, and for a couple of seconds I actually thought I had a little ghosty hanging out with me in my bedroom.  Responsible adult indeed.

Of course my “ghost” was in fact a 4.4 mag earthquake here in Northern Italy, but that is not nearly as exciting as my own personal poltergeist!

This earthquake/supernatural occurrence was a fun (and slightly embarrassing) way to start Halloween weekend.  Now time to carve my pumpkin and watch more scary movies!

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