Copenhagen: Land of the Hot Dog (and protestors with slides)

Before I tell you about the hot dog and chocolate milk, I have to show you two super-awesome things I found in Copenhagen.

First is this hat.  Yes, I bought this hat.  Yes, I wore this hat for the rest of the night.  My apologizes to everyone who got smacked in the face by the pointy end of my had.  But you should not have been standing so close to a girl in a pointy hat.

Why is it that almost every zoo, amusement park, tourist trap has a random peacock strolling around?  I followed this guy around hoping that he would spread his tail feathers.  He never did.

This little girl is my hero.  She would not give up on him.  She chased him around making peacocky sounds at him.  He was not as impressed with her as she was with him.

Now, on to the hot dogs and chocolate milk!

A few days before our Copenhagen trip my friend Tom did a little research and discovered that Copenhagen is home to the world’s biggest hot dog fans.

Yeah.  I was just as surprised as you.

On our second day we stopped at a little cafe to have a gourmet hot dog.  It was served with onions fried in duck fat and rosemary with a remolaude instead of ketchup.  It was glorious.  Seriously, it was the best hot dog I have ever eaten, but I did have to eat it without the bun, which made me sad.

According to the Danes, the perfect accompaniment to the gourmet hot dog is a big glass of chocolate milk.  I don’t get it, but the chocolate milk was tasty.

You know who knows how to have a good time?

Occupy Denmark protestors.  They actually brought a slide with them to their campsite.  Denmark reportedly has one of the strongest economies and most robust welfare systems in the world, so I am not sure what the six guys camped out in the main square were trying to accomplish, but the portable slide tells me they are not afraid to party.

Can you find the slide?

And finally, the jump shot!

I would like to thank all of my friends for not ditching me in the middle of a foreign country when I force them to do multiple jump shots in crowded areas.

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1 Response to Copenhagen: Land of the Hot Dog (and protestors with slides)

  1. Now I want a hot dog. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

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