Becoming British Step One: Learn the Language

In my very first moments in England during my recent Chunnel Challenge 2011, I decided that I need to become British.

I love everything about the U.K. including the cold misty weather, the fantastic accents, the mushy peas, the hard ciders, and of course, Will and Kate.

NERD ALERT: Not only was I glued to the television on the royal wedding day, but I am also the proud owner of a Will and Kate Wedding Kiss tea cup.  Don’t judge me.

So, now that my long term goals include becoming British and getting adopted into the Royal Family, I need to learn the language.

One of my coworkers let me borrow some books to help me learn the Queen’s English.  Here is a little taste of what I am learning:

In America we call lovely little pocket sized cakes Cupcakes.  BORING.  In England they are called Fairy Cakes.  So much more awesome, and cute.

So apparently in England Fanny is a dirty word for the thing that rhymes with Smagina (my parents read this blog, hi Mom and Dad), so calling the ridiculous accessory you tie around your waist to carry everything you could put in your pocket a Fannypack is a little awkward.  Instead, the Brits call it a Bumpack, because that sounds so much more dignified…

If I told you I need you to “knock me up” tomorrow at 9am what would you say?  Get your mind out of the gutter, in England I would be asking you to wake me up at 9am.  I am going to go ahead and NOT use that expression when I introducing myself to the Queen as her newest embarrassing relation.

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3 Responses to Becoming British Step One: Learn the Language

  1. I’m going to start calling my cupcakes “fairy cakes.” You’re right. It’s much cuter.

  2. rosie says:

    Its actually “bum bag” not bum pack.. and nobody would be seen dead in one.. as its not cool!

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