Winter Running

When I am running down a long country road with no cars or people in sight, feeling the slight burn in my chest as winter air enters my lungs, I feel strong and healthy.

Unfortunately, the combination of long hours at work, rainy days, and my general laziness made for a perfect excuse to blow off all forms of exercise for longer than I am willing to admit.

This weekend, the weather cleared up and I was finally excited about jogging again.

I have no idea what is wrong with me, but I tend to overheat way too easily.  When everyone else talking about what a nice day it is, I am suffering a core meltdown.  That is why I winter running is a perfect fit for me.  Mid-40’s is my perfect running temperature.  It is cold enough that I don’t overheat but warm enough that I don’t suffer frostbite one mile in.

I brought my small camera along with my during my run this weekend and the scenery was so pretty that I had to force myself not to stop every ten steps to get pictures.  As much as I enjoyed the landscape, it was  nothing compared to the feeling of a hot shower and cup of tea after a long cold run.

Happy Winter Running Everyone!

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1 Response to Winter Running

  1. I tend to overheat as well. Maybe I should try running in the winter. I had stopped once we dropped below 50.

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