My New Contacts!

When I was shopping with my mom earlier, I ducked into one of those small optical places to ask about an eye exam for contacts.  The receptionist told me that the doctor could see me right away if I wanted.  An hour later I walked out wearing contacts for the first time in my life!

I have wanted contacts for a while now, but my natural tendency to procrastinate is amplified when I am faced with anything uncomfortable (and I consider anything touching my eyeball uncomfortable).  I had to practice putting in and taking out my lenses before the doctor would sign off on my prescription to order contacts.  I am so not a natural at putting stuff on my eyeball.  It took me about ten minutes to get one contact in!

I wore the contacts for the rest of the night and mostly they felt fine.  Every once in a while it would feel like I had an eyelash in my eye, but overall it was just really nice to be able to see without my glasses.

Tomorrow will be my first full day in contacts, I will let you know how it goes!

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5 Responses to My New Contacts!

  1. You got a contact in your eye in 10 minutes the first time? Nice! I think it took me twice as long my first time!

    I put off getting contacts for the longest time because I hated the idea of touching my eye.

    Hope you like ’em!

  2. I have been wearing contacts for almost 20 years. I HATE wearing my glasses. I think you will be surprised how quickly you get used to them. I can take them out/put them in just about anywhere. I am guessing your eyesight isn’t too bad, huh?

    • Erica says:

      Hey Carmen! I hope I get used to them soon, so far it is craziness trying to get them in every morning. My eyesight is not terrible, but bad enough that I need to wear glasses or contacts if I want to drive or watch TV, or recognize people more than five feet away!

  3. My Last Pen says:

    Great for you, I also tried contacts but I can’t put it easily so I give up..

  4. Elise says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of contacts!!!! Nothing like getting something in your eye and having to take those out! Oh well! it beats glasses! xoxoox

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