A Walking Tour of Frederick Maryland

On New Year’s Eve mom and I met my brother in Frederick for lunch.  My brother has lived in Frederick for years, but I have spent very little time there.  On this trip I took my camera to get some shots of the fantastic buildings around town.

This beautiful brick building is the restaurant Volt. I have wanted to go there for a while, still have not made it.

When I grow up I want a house with a roof just like this purple building.

How can you not be happy all the time if you live in a building with a bright yellow door?

This iron tree is on a bridge over the canal.  One of the bridges was painted to look like carved stone.  The visual effects were really cool.

This faux door is one of my favorite paintings.  Do you see the etching on the hand holding the key?

I love this sweet couple on the bridge.

And finally, my favorite christmas house so far…

How can you not love this house???

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2 Responses to A Walking Tour of Frederick Maryland

  1. Downtown Frederick is a fun place. I love it! Did your brother take you to any of the cupcake places? Next time you’re in Frederick, we should get cupcakes.

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