Wine Tasting

It’s been a long week.

There are only two things I want to accomplish today:
1.) Introduce myself to some lovely bottles of wine
2.) Take a nap

As of 3pm I am half done with my to-do list.

Earlier this morning some friends and I went back to Breganze to stock up on some Torcolato and try a few other bottles.

We decided to visit Ca’ Biasi winery, one of the only wineries authorized to produce and sell Torcolatto.

The tasting room was cold, but the wine was delicious and we had a plate of sausage and ham to keep us company as we waited to try each new bottle.

I bought six bottles of the sweet Torcolato, that should last me a few weeks…

This Gioggo was a nice surprise.  It is a semi-sweet fizzy white wine.  Several of these guys found their way into my car as well.

All things considered, it was a pretty great way to say goodbye to a long week and say hello to a relaxing weekend.

Now, time for a nap.

Sometimes I impress myself with just how much I can accomplish during a day…

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