A Long Winter

Most of my days this winter have been filled with long naps and tv marathons. It feels good to stay inside, away from the cold and the wind, but it doesn’t make for very exciting updates. A pair of fuzzy slippers have replaced my cute boots, and my Instagram app has replaced my big camera for documenting the small moments of this season.

Several mugs of Rosemary and Honey tea helped to soothe the pain in my ear and throat.


A new rug for my living room made the room seem a little warmer.

A bottle of olive oil, some hot peppers, and a few other secret ingredients became my first batch of homemade picante oil.

And a sushi date with a handsome man reminded me how much fun it is to be a girl.

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4 Responses to A Long Winter

  1. I can’t wait until Instagram has an app for Android. 1st. Rosemary honey tea sounds amazing. 2nd Your new rug pattern is beautiful. 3rd. I now am craving sushi.

  2. Will there be more date details?

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