A (not so) Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

Oh Rome.  Why are you such a fickle friend?  Last year we had a great time together, do you remember?  What changed?  Did I delay my return trip for too long?  Did you not enjoy that first trip as much as I thought?

Last weekend when I took my second trip to Rome and it was every bit the comedy of errors; full of projectile vomiting (not mine), cold rain, a bus that never showed, a case of false advertising, and shady men demanding to see my passport who may or may not have been legitimate police officers.

The trip definitely had its high points, like finally getting to visit the Pantheon.

Rafael is buried in the Pantheon, so of course I had to get a shot of his crypt.  I don’t know how I would feel about my coffin being a tourist attraction, I guess it would be kind of cool, not that I would care since I would be dead, but still…

I also got to make a wish at the Trevi fountain and hang out at the Spanish steps

While I have not totally forgiven Rome for all the hijinks of this past weekend, I do still love this city.  There will be a return visit very soon, and this time I will be climbing St. Peter’s Basilica, mark my words!!!

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