2012 Resolutions Check-In (February)

Time to face the music about my monthly progress toward my 2012 Resolutions….

Warning: This will not be pretty.

1.) Do something about the fact that I barely speak any Italian, despite having lived in Italy for over two years.  So I signed up for Italian class and managed to make it to the first session.  Then I blew off the next two. Then I got sent on a last minute trip to the states, so I basically threw the admission fee down the drain.  Will be signing up for the same course and paying the same admission fee to take the next iteration.  Total Fail

2.) Finally do a pull-up. I have not seen the inside of a gym all month.  I wish I could say there is a good reason for this, but it is laziness pure and simple.  While I am excited to get back in the gym, I am dreading my first pull-up after a month off.  Total Fail

3.) Run continuously for longer than five miles.  Aside from dashing across a crowded intersection I have not done anything resembling running all month.  Total Fail

Not a great month for accomplishing any goals.  The silver lining here is that there is only one way to go, and that is up!

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