2012 Resolutions Check-In (March)

I am going to keep this short: the entire month of March was a Total Fail

1.) Do something about the fact that I barely speak any Italian, despite having lived in Italy for over two years. Fail

2.) Finally do a pull-up. Uber-Fail

3.) Run continuously for longer than five miles. I ran once in March.  One time in 31 days.  Fail

I spent most of March on the road (business, not pleasure) and used that as an excuse for all sorts of ugliness.  Instead of practicing Italian I watched TV and instead of exercising I got up close and personal with a whole community of marshmallow peeps.

There is nothing more soul crushing than waking up in a hotel room with a stomach ache covered in pink peep powder.  It was a low point.

There is nowhere to go but up, and I have decided to concentrate on one of my resolutions for the month of April: my running.  I registered for a 6k in May and my goal is to run the whole thing, which will surpass my previous goal of running a whole 5k.

I also joined the Up and Running 10k online course starting in June, which means I should be well on my way toward achieving Resolution Number 3 come fall.

Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to 2012 Resolutions Check-In (March)

  1. Good luck! I’m running my first 5k of the year next weekend. I’m afraid…very afraid….

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