The Typhoid Express

I’m Home.

Almost a week later than I expected, and a little worse for the wear, but I made it home.

All of my flights arrived on time and no border agents tried to deport me so overall my return trip was a success, but I feel like I spent a day on the Typhoid Express.  As soon as I got on the plane I could hear all the sniffles and when I sat in my middle seat (ugh) I could actually smell the sickness on the kid to my right.  From now on I am bringing a surgical mask with me when I fly, I don’t care if I look ridiculous, I am sick of ingesting other people’s germs.

I also have a strong suspicion that our pilot was drunk (or having war flashbacks) because we would ascend and descend rapidly for no reason throughout the flight.  I was searching my bag for something to throw up in when I heard a lady behind moaning that she was about to vomit, strangely this made me feel a little better.  Luckily we both made it without revisiting our lunches.

I had a window seat for my final flight into Venice.  I am always on the wrong side of the plane when I fly into Venice so I never get to see the city (you want to be on the right side of the plane when facing the cockpit), but the views of the Alps were beautiful.

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3 Responses to The Typhoid Express

  1. Glad you made it home safely! As a fellow motion-sicknesser, I always feel better when I’m not the only one who feels sick.

    • Erica says:

      Thanks! I feel bad that other people getting sick makes me feel better, but it is such a crappy feeling to be throwing up and everyone around you is chipper and happy. Kind of makes me want to throw up on THEM.

  2. Billie Jean says:

    The third photo from the top blew me away. Quite a spectacular view on the left side 🙂

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