20 Days And Counting Until My First 6k!

In 20 days I will be running in the Bologna Women’s Running Festival!  At least that is the plan.

I have sent in the registration form and the fee.

I have made non-refundable hotel reservations.

I even bought new running shoes!

~~~~~~~~~~~Why yes, my socks are mismatched, thank you for noticing.~~~~~~~~~~

So here is the problem…

I have massive anxiety when it comes to running in front of other people.  Like heart pounding out of my chest, can’t breathe or even think straight anxiety.

The last time I participated in an organized run I had my lovely friend Jacqueline next to me the entire way.  I was very nervous the morning of the run, but knowing my friend would be waiting for me at the starting line made me suck it up and go.  This time I don’t have that accountability so I am going to have to give myself a little tough love the weekend of the run.

I am also going to do a few 6km practice runs before the big day, hopefully that will reduce my anxiety.

Since I will be in Bologna for the weekend, I am trying to come up with a cool activity to do as a reward for finishing the 6k.  Suggestions are most welcome!

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7 Responses to 20 Days And Counting Until My First 6k!

  1. 5for30 says:

    You can do it! Run like nobodies watching!

  2. So in Europe they do 6Ks? Good luck! Treat yourself to something yummy afterwards. That always motivates me.

    I just ran a 5K Sunday. It was too hot. Ick.

    • Erica says:

      I had never heard of a 6k until this run was posted. I am going to have to ask someone why 6k, why not 7.5 or 4.2?? Did you take pictures at your 5k?

  3. Good luck! (love the new shoes!)

    • Erica says:

      I think the free t-shirt at the run is going to be pink as well so I will totally match! I am working up the courage to wear my new running skirt for the perfect “First 6k” outfit.

      • My first 5k, I wore a running skirt and it almost fell off!! So I stick with basic pants/shorts now 🙂 But I’m sure you’ll rock it out! Looking forward to hearing all about it in an upcoming post 🙂

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