Herb Garden: Take One

It has been pretty damp around here lately.  Not so much fun for outdoor activities, but very good for the plants in my yard, like my mint plants.

For the first time since I moved here, I worry that the bugs will get to my mint plants before me.

Since this is a pretty good time for stuff to grow, I decided to set up my very first herb garden.

I have one small corner in yard that is kind of ugly.  The jasmine bush that grows along the fence has not completely covered one little section and it has always bugged me so I picked that spot to start.  I dragged a couple of old stools and a table outside and transplanted some herbs I bought at the grocery store into bigger pots.

The pot in front holds thyme, the ones behind are basil.  The plant in back with long velvety leaves is sage and the one to the left is oregano.  I already used the thyme and sage in the chicken stock I made this afternoon and it was delish.

I am going to dig up and pot some of the mint leaves from my yard and eventually I think I am going to try some hanging tomato plants, but first I have to make sure I don’t accidentally kill these guys.

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5 Responses to Herb Garden: Take One

  1. Lovely! Looks like things are growing along, swimmingly! Great post (I’m looking for a little inspiration on the gardening front :))

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  3. multifacetedness says:

    Awesome! Love the pics. Makes me want to plant herbs.. but we’re moving so I’ll have to wait. When we were in Italy I had a lil’ herb garden, remember? Bugs did go for my basil, but they do have spray at the PX. And my mint TOOK OVER! It grows super fast. One idea is to put a sprig in your iced tea, I enjoyed that.

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