Cardboard Box Garden

I have the world’s smallest backyard, and for the most part I ignore it.

Now that I am semi-obsessed with starting a garden my backyard is going to get a lot of attention.  Before I really commit to my lasagna garden, I want to test the process on a smaller scale.  I figure a couple of cardboard boxes and their lids will do the trick.  I snagged a bag of shred from work for my “brown material” and grass clippings from my front yard to use for my “green material”.











First I got the boxes soaking wet.  Eventually I want them to decompose with the rest of the pile so I was very generous with the water.

Then I made the “lasagna” by layering the green and brown material (soaking each layer) and topping it off with some topsoil.  I left room at the top of the boxes to add more soil in a couple of days.  I figure after a week of letting my boxes sit they will be ready for planting.  I know my strawberry plants are going to in one container but I am still deciding what the other containers will hold.











I still have plenty of green and brown material so if these cardboard boxes work out my next step is making large garden beds.

So excited!

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10 Responses to Cardboard Box Garden

  1. yashikibuta says:

    would love to hear how this turns out.

  2. Sounds like an interesting project – please keep us all updated!

  3. DARLA says:

    Ya know what, I don’t see any reason why this will not work. Will be looking for pics.

  4. I love this! I hope it works!!

  5. DARLA says:

    Erica, you are starting to sound like Daphne! I mean, her 4 yr old named the roaster “Broccoli”, how many 4 yr olds even know what broccoli is! Keep blogging!

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