An Earth Shaking Day

At 4am this morning, I was about 75% sure my little stone house was going to end as a pile of rubble.

A 6.0 earthquake hit near Bologna, about an hour south of my house.  The strong effects of the quake on my house lasted for about 15 seconds, which is a long damn time when your house is moving of its own accord.

I have felt several more earthquakes today, some light rumblings and some confident shakes.  Aside from the earth trying its best to swallow up its inhabitants, today was pretty good.

I am having a hard time finding food that will not make my insides attempt a coup against me.  For the past few days I have been eating mostly fruits and veggies.  Today I made roasted green beans for the first time and they were fantastic!

Speaking of fantastic, take a look at this colorful character I found in my fennel plant.

I went for a jog/walk today and my energy level was zero.  I have to find food that will not make me sick, but will give me the energy to get through a decent workout, so far green beans are not cutting it as power fuel.

Halfway through my jog/walk, it started raining.  I was already going as slow as humanly possible, so the rain was just a nice addition.

I couldn’t resist snapping a few more pictures of the snails in my ivy plants.  They are so cute!

Especially this baby snail!  He is no bigger than the nail on my pinkie finger!

I hope everyone in northern Italy is safe!

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4 Responses to An Earth Shaking Day

  1. John says:

    When I saw the news this morning I thought about you! Hope you (and the house) is ok.

  2. Glad you survived the quake!

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