Grand Prix in Monte Carlo (sort of)

Last weekend was the Monaco Grand Prix.  And since cars do nothing for me and I hate crowds, this totally destroyed my plans to hang out in Monte Carlo for a day.   While I didn’t go into the city, I did get some pictures of the race from up on the hill.

If you squint, you can see the red car coming around the bed on the road near the water.

The cars were going so fast I had a terrible time getting shots of them in motion.  The squealing tires were incredibly loud so I just waited until it sounded like they got closer.

The white stadium area below is the start/finish line, but I really couldn’t tell how the race was going because apparently the drivers have to go around the same lap something like 78 times.

So this was as close to a Grand Prix race as I ever need to get.  Now I just need to go back and visit the city without all those people and squealing tires.

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