Farewell to Heels

There are few things in life I covet more than a cute pair of heels.  The higher the better.  I pride myself on my ability to walk miles in stilettos and figure that lack of foot pain (most days) equals no foot problems.

I think I was wrong.

During my first yoga retreat class last week my instructor asked me if I wear high heels regularly because my ankles are not as strong/stable as they should be.

So that sucks, but weak ankles would probably not be enough to deter me from my shoe habit.

Weak ankles plus arch pain just might do the trick.

After going 9 days sans stilettos, wearing a pair of moderately high heels today was not pleasant.  I felt less grounded and my left arch was screaming.  I did some research and ordered a pair of flats that are supposed to be super supportive.

Sadly they are not super cute.

Starting today, I am committing to incorporating more reasonable heel heights into my wardrobe, but I seriously have no idea what I am going to wear with flats.  I am also completely baffled by the lack of dressy flat options.

This is a sad, sad day…

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12 Responses to Farewell to Heels

  1. JennyO says:

    Lol they do exist 😉

    • Erica says:

      Where??? Share your secrets please!!!

      • JennyO says:

        Lol I swear you will adjust pay attention to flats, ignore the urge to drool over the strappy heel. Clarkes are fantastic!

      • JennyO says:

        Okay weird thing, a gf of mine has had the same response and posted to FB. Here are response brands for you to peruse…
        Cole haan, but they are pricey, Cole Haan, Ziera, Tony Bianco’s, [ Earth shoes were talked about, I have a pair?? I think they are the clunkiest, albeit comphy, shoes ever ]

      • Erica says:

        I ordered a pair of Cole Haans, I will take a picture when they get here, I hope they are as comfy as the reviews say!

  2. John says:

    Be strong Erica, be strong, you will find a way.

  3. Aunt Kathy says:

    oh goodness. The secret is to switch back and forth and stretch stretch stretch……..Although good arch support, no matter the shoe, is very important. I have extremely high arches and trust me, there is no shoe that has enough arch support for me, hence the custom support.

    • Erica says:

      Tell me more about the custom arch support Aunt Kathy!!! Do you have any particular brand you prefer? What is your maximum heel height?? I need guidance!!!!

  4. amanda says:

    Unfortunately I cannot share in your heel tragedy because I can barely walk in heels. HOWEVER, since you find flats to be not-the-most fashionable, perhaps you should create your own… 🙂

  5. Darla says:

    HEELS ARE ‘NO’ GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! You will only believe that fact when you get my age but believe me foot pain IS NOT FUN! Then it leads to knee, hip and back problems then you won’t give a crap what your shoes look like as long as you can walk. OK, OK, I have calmed down, I just wanted you to hear me. 8-)~. You will survive and you are cute without heels…………..

    • Erica says:

      Thanks Darla! I rediscovered a cute pair of flats today!!! My new mantra is “I love my feet more than I love shoes”. So far my feet are very very happy!

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