Things I Don’t Hate About Summer

1.) Violent thunderstorms
2.) Walking barefoot without risking frostbite
3.) The enormous selection of fresh fruits and veggies
4.) The long days
5.) The beach

The list of things I Hate about summer is approximately 3,567 times longer than this one, but the above five are pretty great.

Only eight more weeks until Fall!

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5 Responses to Things I Don’t Hate About Summer

  1. John says:

    With you on the thunderstorms, don’t get many here 😦

  2. JennyO says:

    Ah come on, I love summer! But looking at your list I think you captured the best part, Of course all weekend Bavaria has been rainy and overcast [ yea for the thunderstorm!! ] and today with a day of work in front of me the sun comes out and the sky is blue! Figures. Typical for this area.

    • Erica says:

      I am beyond jealous that you spent the weekend in Bavaria! Even more so that it was rainy and overcast (my favorite weather). Some of those clouds have finally made their way to northern Italy, this is going to be a great week!

  3. Darla says:

    Erica, my “things I don’t like about summer” list is easily as long as yours. Hurry up fall!!!

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