Arts and Crafts

I destroyed my garden today.  It felt good to stab away at the ground, breaking apart the little dirt beds and tearing up roots with bare hands.  I will give it another go next year, but this summer is going in the books as a loss.  Sometime this week there will be a trip to the garden store for some mulch and advice on prepping the soil for next spring.  There will also be arts and crafts.

I have this idea in my head that is not yet fully formed.  It involves upcycled glass bottles, rocks, and spray paint.  Twenty three bottles and fifteen rocks got their first colorings today.  I didn’t bother to put on gloves because it’s hot and sweaty hands bum me out.  Also, I’m lazy.

This is what my hands look like after scrubbing with acetone.

I may not be able to keep plants alive, but this bottle/rock/sculpture thing is going to be awesome.  Maybe.  Maybe it will end up looking like a bunch of painted crap.  I really have no idea at this point.

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3 Responses to Arts and Crafts

  1. Rebecca Tapper says:

    Oh, I love my Erica – you make me smile!! It is hard to set up a time to talk because we only have one phone and we are rarely together with it, especially with me working so much. When would be good this week to talk? I mainly work nights this week so I can arrange to have the phone at a time when it isn’t the middle of the night for you 🙂

  2. Darla says:

    Oh what pretty colors!!! With gloves we wouldn’t know your color scheme. Erica, have you heard of Pintrest? The ideas and help on any type of project is almost unlimited. Check it out but a warning goes along with this site… is addictive!! Keep us posted on your progress.

  3. I kinda like your hands that color. Maybe it should be permanent.

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