The Importance of Inebriated Communications

The drunk email saying all the things you never said, and all the things you said a hundred times before.
A tipsy text sent during a lull in the excitement.
Incoherent ramblings of an old flame on your voicemail.

These things are rarely pretty and most times not even understandable, but I think they are wonderful.  Somewhere within the jumble of words there is a pearl, a perfect gift.  “I was thinking of you”

When the world starts to slide and swirl the people who stick in your winelogged brain are there for a reason.  Maybe you (and they) know why, maybe not.  The detail is not so important.  The pearl is what’s important.

“I was thinking of you when the rest of the world was sailing away”.

There is no wine in my brain tonight (it’s the middle of the week!  Who gets smashed on a Wednesday night?!) but I have been visited by the ghost of inebriated communications past.

After my visit I have two pieces of advice:

1.) If you are going to send a drunk email (I highly recommend it, say what you have to say and all that) don’t go back and read it the next morning.  You will want to kill yourself.  Just accept that it is out there in the universe and wish it luck.

2.) If you receive a drunk email be kind.  The sender may be thinking suicidal thoughts at this very moment so no need for you to add fuel to that fire.  Somebody was thinking of you when they couldn’t even think straight.  It’s a compliment, take it that way.  Respond, and try to be nice about it.

Actually I have three pieces of advice:

3.) If you can’t remember the last time you engaged in inebriated communications write it into your schedule!  Get nice and smashed, think lots of deep thoughts about the people in your life, email them all (don’t bother to proof read, it adds to the charm).  I promise you, everyone in your life will love getting a drunk email from you.  Except your boss, maybe don’t send him one.

That is all

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6 Responses to The Importance of Inebriated Communications

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    I love how you think!

  2. Whitney Rains says:

    This is amazing. 🙂

  3. Loved this – am still laughing!

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