A Trip to The Haunted Island of Poveglia: Part Two

A thousand shrute bucks for Sal, who identified the giant spider from my last post!

And now for more ghost hunting!

~For part one of my Poveglia trip click here: Poveglia Part One. ~

First, a few interesting facts about Poveglia I didn’t mention in my first post:

  1. The island has lots of wasps, like trees humming with their wingbeats.  I hate wasps.
  2. It also has lots of rats and rabbits, which means lots of poop all over the ground.  I had to sleep on that ground.  Laying in poop disturbed me so much more than the prospect of a few ghosts.

Below is a picture of the bridge connecting the “Plague Field” to the main part of the island.  If you watched that ghost adventures episode, this is the bridge where the camera is knocked down by some unseen thing running from the field.  The group slept in the field for a few hours before sunrise.  I started off on the bridge because I really didn’t want to sleep in the poop, but ended up back in the field with two garbage  bags as my ground cover.

There are no toilets on any part of the island so whenever I had to pee it was off to the overgrown part of the plague field for me.  If you ever want to feel as uncomfortable as humanly possible try pulling down your pants in the pitch dark in a place rumored to host thousands of disgruntled spirits.  Yikes.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at some more pictures…

This scary looking tube thing is apparently an industrial dryer or radiator or something.  We had to crawl through it to get from this room to the adjoining one.

We called this place the “Creepy Corridor.”

I have heard two different versions of when this island was finally abandoned, one says in the 1960’s and one says in the 1980’s.  Either way, it is shocking how quickly nature takes over once we leave a place.

This was on the top floor of the hospital.  We came back to this room in the middle of the night to see what we could find.  Of all the rooms on the entire island, this is the only room that made me genuinely uncomfortable at night.

We found this sign near a building that was completely blocked by overgrown woods.  It basically says not to dig because there are contagious bodies buried here.  We spent the better part of two hours finding a way into the building.

So that was my day on the island, next post I will show you pictures of my night on the island!

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15 Responses to A Trip to The Haunted Island of Poveglia: Part Two

  1. henrymowry says:

    Fabulous post. Love seeing & reading of your exploration of this odd island!

  2. Nothing like a disheveled room full of old hospital beds to make you certain that a place is definitely haunted by children.

  3. This is fascinating stuff.

  4. Elise says:

    This was awesome Erica!!! You are brave to go there!!!

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  6. nickey says:

    That pic with the beds looks like there is a child in the window look at the White gap

  7. Courtney gauthier says:

    I have a question about this island. Is it true that a girl
    Once for her face ripped off by a ghost.

  8. Lisa Hynes says:

    Thank you for sharing your an interesting adventure- was there anyone else on the island? Absolutely planning to go camp there soon, thanks to your blog- and its only about an hour away.

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  10. “Do not dig.
    Died of infection.

    That there is pretty creepy!

  11. alliecassidy says:

    “Do not dig
    Died from infection
    Resting, 1793”

    Now that. Is creepy …

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