Making Time

Making the bed every morning seems so meaningless to me.  You get up, make the bed all pretty and at the end of every day you ruin that work.  It feels like a waste of time.

That said, I *do* make my bed every morning (my mother will be disappointed to learn that I only use her hospital corner technique on days I am feeling very very spunky).

I didn’t always do this, but over time I began to appreciate walking into a room with a nicely made bed instead of a rats nest of sheets and pillows.  It makes the whole room look more dignified.

I started this habit by telling myself “You have the time to spend three minutes making the bed”.  Even if I am running late, I can spare 180 seconds.  Three tiny minutes don’t make a difference in most situations, but those three minutes I give myself every morning always end in a smile.  I have grown to love those three minutes.  They allow me to do something nice for myself before my day has even begun.

Cut to this morning as I was rushing around in the kitchen.

I was moving quickly and closely watching the clock.  I had to drop my car off for an oil change before work and if I missed my appointment window it could be a couple of weeks before another opened up.  My first reaction was to start cutting corners to get out of the house faster.
“I don’t need to change out the laundry, that can wait until tonight.”
“I don’t need to put in contacts, it’s a glasses day for me!”
“I don’t have time to eat breakfast I can grab something at work.”

Wait what?!?!?!

No time to eat breakfast???  I have healthy, nourishing food in my kitchen.  The very same kitchen I am standing in.  Yet, my first instinct is to turn away from the actual food to save time and then later put nasty processed “food” from the convenience store in my body because I am so hungry I just don’t care.

Not the right answer.

I caught myself and actually said out loud “Erica, you have time to eat breakfast.  There is literally nothing more important than nourishing yourself.  Who gives a shit if you miss your appointment window!”

I sat and ate my breakfast, and I didn’t even miss my appointment window.

So now, along with my non-negotiable three minute gift to myself every morning to make my bed, I will also be gifting myself with an additional non-negotiable 10 minutes in the morning to eat actual food before I leave my house.

I find it funny and pathetic that eating real food  is ever in danger of being booted off my scheduled priorities list.  Never Again!

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2 Responses to Making Time

  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    You’re so right. There’s always time for breakfast. If I don’t have a proper breakfast, I’ll be grumpy for the rest of the day:)

  2. JennyO says:

    Good for you! LOL I so don’t do hospital corners here… my Mom taught me too. I do use them at home 😉


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