Domani, Domani

Domani.  Italian for tomorrow.

When I moved here they told me to expect that phrase a lot “tomorrow, we will do it tomorrow”.  A small inconvenience for the privilege of living in Italy.

I am just about maxed out on Domani.

I came home yesterday to a bone-chillingly cold house.  The issue with my heat that should have been resolved last week wasn’t.  The gas company can’t (won’t) send anyone to the house until Wednesday morning.  Domani.  Goddamn Domani.

An hour ago the entire country started a gasoline worker’s strike that will last until the end of the week.  The gas station was choked with people filling their tanks to the brim because no one in Italy will have access to gasoline for several days.  I have no idea what this is accomplishing, other than making life just a little more difficult for ordinary people.  It smells an awful lot like political thuggery.

I am sitting in front of my fireplace wrapped up like an old man wondering if I have maxed out on Italy.




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3 Responses to Domani, Domani

  1. I feel your pain – my husband got me what I thought was a gag gift but has been a life-saver – an old-fashioned hot water bottle! But, if you still feel stanca a week from now, it’s okay to say “basta” – I think it’s interesting how expats think it’s a failure to leave – I think it’s a choice that we’re always free to make. Good luck!

  2. SalMonty says:

    You are not leaving!

  3. Mitzie Mee says:

    hmm..Domani is also a common expression down here..or isn’t..but the domani philosophy so to say:)

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