Christmas in a Pot

I am having the hardest time getting into the Christmas spirit this year.  I thought it was because I have been stressed (and cold), but my heat was finally fixed yesterday.  It took a while for the heaters to take the chill off my stone walls, but now the house is nice and toasty.

Still no Christmas sprit.

Even though I will be home for Christmas, I decided to get a Christmas tree this year.  I wanted a small potted tree and last night I was totally in luck, not only did I find a cute tree, it was on sale too!

Eventually the tree will live outside, but I think I am going to keep it next to the fireplace through valentines day, maybe I can start a Valentine Tree tradition.


I was planning to chop off the awkward top branch, but now I kind of like it.  I still need to find a cool topper, I am a little bored with angels, stars, and bows so any suggestions would be most welcome!

How is everyone else’s Christmas Spirit this year?

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1 Response to Christmas in a Pot

  1. John says:

    Have a good break over christmas!

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