Baked Eggs

Alton Brown says I should bake my eggs instead of boiling.  Sure, why not.


I had three eggs in the fridge I wanted to use before my next trip to the store so I threw them in the oven for a test drive.

The Pros:
– They are about a hundred times easier to peel
– No dirty pot.  I put a strip of aluminum foil under the eggs in case one broke.  One did break, but nothing oozed out so absolutely no mess.
– The white didn’t have that rubbery feeling my boiled eggs sometimes have when I over cook them

The Cons:
– Maybe it was the egg that broke, but the baked eggs made my kitchen smell like sulfur
– I am pretty sure if I accidentally over cook the baked eggs they will explode in the oven, and then things will get really ugly.

I don’t know if I am sold on this whole baked egg thing, but I think it deserves a few more tries before I write it off.  Has anyone else tried baked eggs?

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3 Responses to Baked Eggs

  1. JennyO says:

    Nope. ;) But take a pic when one explodes!


  2. Darla Turner says:

    I would probably cover them JUST IN CASE!!! Wrap them in the foil.

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