Small Nights

I sometimes wish I was not such a homebody.  Every once in a while I wish it came more naturally for me to hit the town on a Saturday night, but that is just not who I am.

I like to come home and put on my pajamas and watch reruns or read a book.  It’s not particularly sexy or interesting, but it’s how I unwind.

It’s the small nights I love.

My most pressing issue tonight was where to hang my Italian Cinema 2013 calendar (I picked a spot on the kitchen wall).

I am feeling very grateful these small nights right now.  Life isn’t always quiet; sometimes it feels kind of like a punch in the face.  But lately life feels cozy and unforced, and maybe just a tiny bit boring.

But right now boring is ok.


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3 Responses to Small Nights

  1. JennyO says:

    It’s that boring that keeps me sane here. Coming “home” to the Chu with a thermos of hot cocoa and enjoying watching silly sitcoms that take me away. I don’t miss the glam of a Saturday night, I miss the comfort of my bubble bath.

    Embrace the small nights. 🙂 They are SO not boring.


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