Cultivating Moss (Project 365 Day 23)

Moss covered furniture is the next biggest thing.  You heard it here first.


So of course I want to grow my own moss furniture, and I have a plan.  The plan includes finding moss, collecting the moss, making the moss grow, and then gluing it to some old chairs.  This cannot possibly fail, right?

Lucky for me, I have moss growing on the stones of my driveway.



Day 23 of Project 365 complete.  Step one of Project Moss success!


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3 Responses to Cultivating Moss (Project 365 Day 23)

  1. tim reese says:

    I am a moss fan like your project. I’ve heard you can make moss grow by spreading over wood or dirt in a north facing area. I have never tried it though. You’re 365 project is interesting, I am going to try it.

  2. This is very interesting….I wonder if after sitting on the moss chair after some time if it causes one’s bottom to be damp. I do like moss decorations in which there are mini hills and flowers in a glass jar and it is hung on the wall or somewhere else in home. Green always seems to bring about feelings of serenity.

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