Project 365 Days 25-26

Day 25:
Yesterday I came *very* close to missing a day of my Project 365.  In fact, I was in bed and trying very hard to fall asleep when two things smashed together in my brain: 1. My feet are cold; I need socks. 2. I can take a picture of my furry socks.  For a little something extra I also included my wrinkled comforter.  Am I the only person with a wrinkled comforter?  I’m a little embarrassed by this.


Day 26:
I took many, many pictures on Day 26 because I was in Ferrara but this is the one I chose for my Project 365 picture.  This might be the scariest statue I have ever seen.  Ever.

Scary Statue

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5 Responses to Project 365 Days 25-26

  1. henrymowry says:

    Love going on this adventure with you. So much so, that you are getting The Sunshine Award! Here’s the post linking to your blog: Keep it up … fuzzy socks are acceptable. Scary statues are, uh, odd choices for architects, IMHO!

  2. Darla says:

    Love the socks but that statue could be used for Holloween purposes!!!!!

  3. Where was the picture of the statue taken??

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