You want to know an uncomfortable feeling? Waking up freezing cold and knowing that if you want to get warm you are going to have get out of bed to find an extra blanket, becoming even colder in the process.

It took me about 30 minutes to finally get out of bed to find the extra blanket.  During that time I pleaded with the universe to send me a fairy godmother or genie with a fuzzy blanket and hot cup of tea.  Obviously they never showed.

Funny how I was willing to spend half an hour ruminating about being uncomfortable, when I could have fixed the situation in about two minutes by sucking it up, accepting that the next few minutes were not going to be fun, and just getting the blanket.

Ah well.  People are strange.

Now I am stuck with a similar choice: take a steamy bath to clear my sinuses, or continue to sit in my big brown chair thinking about how much I wish my sinuses would clear.  Running a bath takes effort, however small, and sitting and wishing takes none.

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2 Responses to Uncomfortable

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Oh, I feel ya honey. Fairy Godmother never showed here either!

  2. I do that, too. First, I can’t realize whey I can’t sleep. And once I realize it’s because I’m cold, I curl up into the fetal position for warmth. Only when that doesn’t work do I get up.

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