The Secret Life of a Spinster

Has anyone else been unusually tired lately?  Since the weather started changing I have been sleeping a lot.  It is pretty much my favorite hobby this week.  Seriously, it is not even 8pm and I am contemplating just packing it in for the night.

Same story for this weekend.  I woke up at 1130 on Saturday.  At about 1135 my landlord and his cute son stopped by to check on my boiler.  I was in my fuzzy pink robe (not a super chic look, but majorly comfy).  So there I was, standing in my kitchen looking like I do when I am freshly awake ~ which is to say, not terribly pretty  ~ and shrugging my shoulders sheepishly when they are asking when exactly the boiler crapped out on Friday (I had no idea, I was sleeping).

I would like to think that landlord and son assumed I was recovering from a Friday night of partying and doing other exciting single-girl-in-Italy things.  Instead, I was nursing a Jane Austen hangover from a long night of reading and watching Austen adaptations.  And then I had to get in my 10 hours of sleep, because apparently sleeping is what I do best these days.

I asked Dr. Google what he thought about my sleep patterns, but all I got in response to my search terms were things like ‘You might be depressed!” (I’m not) and “If you get excited about your job you will hop right out of bed!” (nope).

So is anyone else going through this reverse hibernation thing???

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2 Responses to The Secret Life of a Spinster

  1. I totally relate. I don’t know what is wrong with me but all I want is my bed and more sleep!

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