The Wind, The Hives, and The Rain

The hives came back today.  Just a few on my legs this morning, and by evening, my entire chest and arms were covered in welts.  When I saw the splotches on my chest, I downed two prednisone just as fast as I could.  The problem with these pills is that they are very disruptive to sleep, which I understand first-hand as I type this sentence at 3:30 in the morning.  I have spent most of the early hour sitting at my table outside feeling the wind on my face.

It has been an unusually calm and warm week, but the next two days promise rain.  It looks like the wind is the introduction to the weekend deluge.

Wind is not a force I spend much time thinking about.  I am a fire sign, and I am invariably drawn to water, so those two forces really dominate my unbalanced understanding of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water elements.

Right now I feel like all this wind is trying to send me a message.  That I need to pay more attention (and perhaps give more love) to the elements of air in my life.

According to my favorite resource on elements: Star Chalice Sisters,

Wind is the element of air and the mind.  Wind represents thoughts, visions and the conscious link between human beings.  Wind is changeable and fluctuant.Wind as the element of air is a powerful, active, creative force that brings ideas and inspiration that generate form.  Thoughtforms are air, which are the energetic gridlines that create the manifested structure.  Our thoughts affect our choices and bring us their accurate reflection, which are revealed all around us. All of human creation exists first as a thought or idea.  By mentally being open and flexible, we can allow our concepts to shift with the winds of change as well, revealing the freshly swept and supercharged power of this airy, creative force.

Wow.  This all sounds pretty great.  I could certainly need fresh inspiration, and maybe, just maybe, I could stand to let my mind be a little more open and flexible. 😉

The rain will start sometime tomorrow, but right now I am more than happy to feel the wind.

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2 Responses to The Wind, The Hives, and The Rain

  1. JennyO says:

    Yikes sorry to hear about the hives, I saw your post on Rosemary in the tub… the wind sounds like it is talking to you for sure, Or as my Navy Chief might tell you “Fair winds and following seas” – supposed to mean: fair winds make for a calmer journey, following seas help move you along the way.

  2. Darla says:

    Pure poetic!!!!!

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