35 Before 35: Kiss a handsome man on top of the Eiffel Tower

Mission Accomplished.

After dreaming of Paris and the Eiffel Tower for more than half my life I got to experience the city, and kiss a handsome man at the tippy-top of the tower.



As much as I want to gush about how romantic the whole scenario was, I can’t.

It was romantic in the sense that everything is butterflies when you are in a new relationship, but voice on the loud-speaker warning us to beware of pickpockets was kind of a buzz kill.

In fact, a lot about Paris was a buzz kill.

Like the price of wine.  That adage about wine being cheaper than soda might be true in other parts of Europe, but not Paris.  And I may be totally biased, but none of the expensive wine I was drinking could compete with the cheap Italian wine I can get at home.  Total fail, Paris.

One way Paris did not let me down: the cheese sauce.  The restaurants served it with red meat and fish and it was divine. It was both creamy and pungent.  Yum.

Oh yeah, and the Creme Brule, I ate two a day.

I’m surprised that I didn’t feel at home in Paris since I had dreamed and plotted about it for about twenty years…. but I just… didn’t.  It is not my city.  But it is the city where I got to kiss a handsome man way up in the sky, so overall, not bad, Paris.


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5 Responses to 35 Before 35: Kiss a handsome man on top of the Eiffel Tower

  1. primalnights says:

    Sorry to hear that. Could be because of the build up in your mind. I never had an interest to go to Paris but happen to have a week off in EU a few years ago and when just for the hell of it and Loved it! Try something different you have not dreamed of like Prague. I was totally blown away by Prague and had hardly even ever though of it. Sometimes when your listening for the angels harps and all you hear is traffic its hard.

    • Erica says:

      I totally agree that the build up was probably the reason for the let down. On the flip side, I never gave Lisbon a single thought until my friend wanted to go so I tagged along with no expectations. I think about that city every day now! I want to explore every corner of that amazing place!

  2. itravelle says:

    For cheap wine you need to go to Bordeaux!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about Paris, I felt the same when I visited. But congrats on ticking off a fantastic item from the list! Lovely!

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