Reclaiming My Study and My Finances

I survived a week of organizing my personal finances and retirement planning!

At the beginning of the week I was taking breaks away from the computer every 30 minutes or so because my heart would pound and I would start to panic if I looked at the numbers and rules and details for too long, but by Friday night I was feeling much improved, it probably had something to do with the wine).

I rarely think about my emotional relationship with money and for a long time I thought that was because my emotions concerning money were minimal.  I was wrong.

This past week showed me a whole different side of myself.  Talking in-depth about my finances and seeing the big numbers associated with retirement and emergencies makes me so uncomfortable my body actually goes into fight or flight mode.  ~clearly my default in this situation is flight, which explains why I always avoid this.~

But, in the end I got all of my accounts in order and I even set up a new savings account just for emergency savings that cannot be dipped into unless it is a REAL emergency (and not just a shopping emergency).

I think the thing that saved my sanity during this week was finding  Now, I am not hawking their wares or anything, but I would definitely recommend this website if you struggle with personal finances. Trust me, just check it out.

On another note of personal growth, I finally managed to reclaim my study!

For a couple of years the study (which sits in my super awesome loft!) has been a thriving community of clutter.  Just like I do with finances, when the clutter goes on the attack, I go into flight mode and I just stopped using this cool and unique space.

When my friend Caralyn came over for dinner one night she mentioned that she LOVES projects like this and to let her know if I ever want to tackle the clutter in my study.  Oh hells yes.

We set up a date and she showed up ready to WORK.  I got comfy on the floor and she was the ruthless voice urging me to get rid of anything that doesn’t serve me.  It took all day and two bottles of wine.


This is me in the middle of the book cull.

If I lingered too long over a book she was say “do you really think you are going to read that again” or “you can get that from the library, you don’t have to own it” and off the book would go to the donate pile.  That is exactly the kind of encouragement I need to stay on task when I start getting sentimental or just plain lazy when reorganizing.

St. Caralyn, my patron saint of clutter!

This is the “after” of my study.  Only the things I really love stayed to remind me of the great trips and stories of my life.

photo (13)

I moved the desk right into the middle of the space overlooking the picture window and stairs.  It feels so much more open to write like this rather than staring at a wall.  And yes, I have the now cliched “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster.  It’s solid advice.

photo (14)

Between the  fiscal responsibility and reclaimed space, I feel like I can do anything!  Bring on tax season!

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