Untying the Knots

Here is something you probably don’t know about me: I am really good at uniting knots. Any size knot, any material. I am the girl you want around when you pull out the Griswold size ball of tangled Christmas lights.

I don’t know if this talent is a result of nimble fingers or sheer will, but I do know it was my mother who taught me to untangle things.

When I was about ten years old I had one of those perpetual motion toys with the balls suspended between two bars. You were supposed to hit the other balls with one ball and then they would click back and forth for a while. Does that make any sense? I kind of confused myself with that description.

Anyway, because I was a kid I didn’t just let that toy sit on my desk like it was supposed to. I tossed it around and twisted the cords until it was a useless jumble of balls. (ha! balls!) Then I threw it away.

Mom came along, fished it out of my trash and untied every single knot. She left the new-again toy on my desk with a note that read:

“Tenacity and Perseverance are the key.  Love Mom”

Talk about teaching life skills!

That was over two decades ago and I still hear those words when I am picking apart a tangle in a necklace or string.

My fingers are nimble, but I am pretty sure it is the determination I feel every time I remember my mother’s encouragement that not only makes untying and untangling easier for me, but also kind of enjoyable.

So to everyone out there trying to untangle anything in your life, please remember this awesome Mom advice: tenacity and perseverance are the key.  And love, don’t forget love.

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