My New Favorite Thing: Wine Bottle Plant Watering

I managed to kill every single one of my plants this summer.  Except the aloe plant, he is kind of a tough guy.  I am slowly rebuilding my indoor plant garden with mint, basil, marjoram, sage, and oregano and I would really, really like to keep them alive this time.

Enter my new favorite thing: hollow ceramic spikes for continuous watering.

photo (16)

You just stab the ceramic spike down into the soil and the overturn an old wine bottle (filled with water instead of wine, no need to waste good wine) into the spike.  Voila!  The plants are sure to get enough water even if you forget to water them for a week!  I’m crossing my fingers on this one, having dead plants around is seriously getting me down.

photo (15)

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4 Responses to My New Favorite Thing: Wine Bottle Plant Watering

  1. Great blog. Love the gadget. Where do I buy one. I have lots and lots of EMPTY wine bottles!!

  2. JennyO says:

    Where can I get this!!?? I’m always killing (um sacrificing to a greater good?) my plants and I’m sure I could find a wine bottle…. somewhere 😉

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