DIY Diffuser

This month is kind of a lean one for me and I am cutting back on frivolous spending.  And as much as I love scented candles, they are firmly frivolous, at least for August.

No worries though, because I have plenty of old candle jars and some leftover BBQ sticks!  That’s just as good, right?

photo (19)

So, here are the stars of today’s DIY project:

– One empty spice jar
– One empty candle holder
– Seven wooden BBQ sticks
– Essential oil (I used lavandin oil, which is cheaper and more fragrant than lavender)
– Any kind of filler (I used lavandin)

photo (18)

This project is pretty straightforward, essential oil and wooden sticks in the spice jar, spice jar in the candle jar with some filler to make it pretty.

You can skip the candle jar and filler, but I have a kilo of dried lavandin sitting around waiting for a purpose in life, so I gave it one.

photo (17)

And there you go, my loft/study smells amazing and I get the smug satisfaction of a DIY project!

Next I am thinking of cinnamon for the kitchen!

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1 Response to DIY Diffuser

  1. kofegeek says:

    I should try this for my pantry 😛

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