Sleep! Now!

It’s 4:30am.  I am awake and very annoyed.

I am not exactly sure why I can’t sleep.

Well, now that I think about it, it might have something to do with the rivers of caffeine I drank before bed.

Anywho, did you know it’s National Singles Week?  Yeah, I don’t get it either.  As a Singleton I can wholeheartedly agree that living alone and answering to no one is pretty freaking sweet, I’m just not sure we need a week of observance.

In unrelated musings, I have decided to dust off my running shoes and start pounding the pavement again.  I stopped running last summer when it was so hot I wanted to get violent, and I just never started up again.  If you remember from my previous adventures, I am not a strong runner, but lately I have been missing it.  Running is so difficult for me that it forces me to focus only on breathing and keeping one foot in front of the other, so it kind of becomes a moving meditation (when I am not muttering profanities about how much it sucks).

It is now almost 5am and I am no closer to sleep.  Time for some Downton Abbey and hard-boiled eggs.

Ciao For Now!

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